The North Lancs Branch of The Blackburn Rovers Supporters Association was set up in April 2000, when a group of Rovers fans living in the North Lancashire area decided that, after a very successful "Meet the players" evening at Morecambe when over two hundred Rovers fans turned up, there was enough interest in Rovers in the north of the county to constitute setting up an official branch of Blackburn Rovers Supporters Association.

The North Lancs Branch built up a strong following and regularly took a group of over 50 fans to home and away games.

For the start of the 2005/2006 season, Blackburn Rovers FC dissolved the Official BRSA (Blackburn Rovers Supporters Association) as part of a restructure of season tickets and fan’s benefits. The North Lancs Branch therefore ceased to exist as part of BRSA and evolved into an independent Supporters Group, known as: North Lancs Rovers, retaining the strong links formed with Blackburn Rovers FC since 2000.

Our aims at North Lancs Rovers are to provide the Blackburn Rovers supporter living away from Ewood Park the means to get to home and away games, plus the occasional chance to meet their heroes from the club (see the Events section).

You can view our Constitution, Rules, and Membership fees / Benefits below.

Most important of all, we want you to feel a part of the decision making process, so that we can make this Supporters Group one that you want to be a part of, so if you have any ideas, then please send an email to;


The North Lancashire Blackburn Rovers Supporters Group
North Lancs Rovers Constitution

Ratified 30th August 2005


1. The Group

The name of the Association shall be The North Lancashire Blackburn Rovers Supporters Group hereafter referred to as North Lancs Rovers, NLR or The Group. Blackburn Rovers refers to Blackburn Rovers Football Club, hereafter referred to as The Club, or BRFC.

The Group is formed from the North Lancs Branch of the Official Blackburn Rovers Supporters Association, which was dissolved on the 13th July 2005.

2. Aims of The NLR Group

Continue & further enhance relations with BRFC built up through the Blackburn Rovers Supporters Association, North Lancs Branch
To represent the interests of Blackburn Rovers supporters who are members of NLR
To increase the opportunities and ways in which supporters of Blackburn Rovers can express their affiliation with, and active support of the club.
To campaign on behalf of the members of NLR
To establish and maintain high quality service and communication with and for NLR members
Provide affordable travel for our members to all home games, and those away games with enough travelling support to make it cost effective.
Arrange social events that we feel will generate adequate support to make it worthwhile.
We are a self-financing non-profit group. However, we will retain a working capitol, which will be reviewed annually at the AGM.

3. The NLR Committee

The NLR Committee shall consist of a minimum of 3 NLR members and a maximum of 8 NLR members at all times. NLR members may hold a maximum of two Committee posts (including shared posts) at any one time, and posts may be shared by a maximum of two members. The NLR Committee must have posts i to v (below) occupied within twenty-one days following the first home league game of a new season.

(i) Chair – chair meetings, returning officer during votes and generally further relations with BRFC

(ii) Secretary – meeting minutes & membership records

(iii) Treasurer – accurately maintain and produce financial records, including an itemised year end report at each AGM

(iv) Home Travel Co-ordinator – arrange coaches, times, and liase with passengers for home matches at Ewood Park

(v) Away Travel & Ticket Co-ordinator - arrange coaches, times, and liase with passengers for matches away from Ewood Park

(vi) Website Controller – maintain and promote the NLR website

(vii) General Committee members – agreed responsibilities as required

(viii) The committee shall have the power to co-opt members to assist in the carrying out of its functions.

(ix) The committee shall have the authority to appoint a sub-committee to deal with any matter.

(x) Any meeting will be declared void unless a quorum of 3 members is present.

4. AGM and Election of Committee Members

An AGM shall be arranged and publicised on an annual basis, and held within fifteen months of the last AGM.

The Committee shall be elected at the commencement of the AGM each year.

Applications for election to The Committee will be heard at the AGM.

Any NLR full member may apply for election to the committee, either in person at the AGM, or in writing (providing the written request is received by the current Chairperson in advance of the day of the AGM)

Should there be more candidates than required for Committee posts (as per item 3), election will be by a secret ballot at the AGM involving any NLR members present

Should the need arise, an extraordinary general meeting may be called at any time, providing current NLR members are given between two and twenty-one days notice.

Voting- With the exception of changes to the constitution, decisions put to a vote shall be resolved by a simple majority at the AGM.

Only fully paid up full members will be allowed to vote at the AGM.

The chairman shall hold a deliberative as well as casting vote at a general and committee meetings.

The quorum for Annual General Meetings shall be five members.

Changes to the constitution – All proposals for changes to the constitution shall be signed by two members eligible to vote at a general meeting.

Any amendments shall be forwarded to the secretary at least 14 days before the AGM

Any change to the constitution shall require a TWO THIRDS MAJORITY of those present, eligible to vote and voting at a general meeting.

A minimum of 3 committee meetings will be held annually.

5. Memberships and Accounts

The Treasurer shall accurately maintain and produce records of all financial transactions, including an itemised year-end report at each AGM, or as required throughout the year.

The Treasurer shall accurately maintain records of all NLR financial transactions for a minimum of six years

Funds shall be kept in an appropriate Bank, Building Society or Post Office account requiring the signature of at least two appointed Committee members for withdrawal of funds.

The Chairperson and or Secretary shall maintain minutes of all NLR meetings for a minimum of six years

NLR members shall be bound by the rules and conditions set out (and amended as required) by the current NLR Committee

Membership subscriptions for the following year shall be set by the current NLR Committee within the timescale of - twenty one days following the last home league game of a (BRFC) season.

Membership subscriptions for the current year shall be due within the timescale of - twenty-one days following the first home league game of a new (BRFC) season.

Membership is open to anyone subject to approval of the committee.

Membership shall be divided into 2 categories,

(i) Full members being those male or female over the age of sixteen years on the1st of September in any season.

(ii) Young members, being those male or female under the age of 16 years on the1st of September in any season.

The financial year is 1st July to 30th June

In the event of the NLR closing down, voluntarily, or by compulsion, a properly audited final statement of account shall be prepared and placed before the members at a specially convened meeting. Any monies left in the account shall be used to benefit Blackburn Rovers supporters, in whichever way the members deem appropriate at the time.

The North Lancashire Blackburn Rovers Supporters Group
North Lancs Rovers Rules & Conditions of Membership

1. Definitions

NLR: North Lancs Rovers – The North Lancs Blackburn Rovers Supporters Group

The NLR Membership Rules: the terms and conditions set out in sections 2-7 below together with any other conditions stated on the Application form or additional NLR Rules required by law or statute as amended from time to time

Fees: the payments made by Members in connection with their Membership. NLR reserves the right to change the level of the Fees from time to time. The Fees fall into the following categories:

Payment must be made in full by cash or cheque
Members: the individuals who have applied to and been accepted by NLR
Guests: Any non-members who are using NLR facilities or attending an NLR event

2. About NLR

3. About your Membership

a) Please inform any Committee member of changes to your name, address and telephone number as soon as possible.

b) We may terminate your Membership if you repeatedly or seriously break NLR Rules

c) In signing the Application Form, you are agreeing to

4. Your Membership

On joining NLR, you will be given a Membership card and number.
Membership is personal to you, it cannot be assigned or transferred to another person and cannot be refunded.

5. Conduct

a) You must not:

6. Coach Travel & Tickets

a) Coaches: NLR will endeavour to supply travel to Home and Away games wherever the Committee feel the level of support makes such travel commercially viable

b) Cancellations: You will be liable for coach fares unless we receive notice of your cancellation at least 24 hours before departure

c): Punctuality: Unless running late, coaches will leave departure points at the advertised times and cannot wait for late arrivals

d): Tickets: NLR are unable to supply tickets for any Home games. NLR will endeavour to supply tickets to all NLR Members at their face value for Away games. Members may apply for away tickets for their Guests, subject to availability and the NLR Committee’s discretion and approval

e): Non-Rovers supporters: Non-Rovers supporters may be accommodated on Home and Away coaches, subject to the NLR Committee’s discretion and approval

7. Other

NLR reserve the right to:

Vary, revoke or add to these Rules if deemed necessary during a season.
Members will be advised at the earliest opportunity.

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